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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

Anti-minority themes

[Source: Daily Maverick by amaBhungane & Scorpio.]

Scorpio has previously exposed how the Guptas and their British PR firm Bell Pottinger make use of fake social media profiles to disseminate a counter-narrative of “white monopoly capital” in order to defend their operations in South Africa. For those yet to be convinced, there is direct evidence from the #GuptaLeaks emails of one of the family’s lieutenants composing tweets for broadcast by fabricated Twitter accounts.  Read more

[Source: Luzerner Zeitung by Markus Schönherr.]

«State Capture», übersetzt so viel wie «Staatseinnahme», ist das neue Unwort in Südafrika. Seit Jahren bereits sollen einflussreiche Geschäftsmänner durch Hintertüren Staatsgelder geschleust, an Regierungsentscheidungen mitgewirkt und Südafrikaner um ihr Steuergeld betrogen haben. Einer der Profiteure, die jetzt nach und nach entlarvt werden, ist Staatspräsident Jacob Zuma. Read more

[Source: Daily Maverick by Ranjeni Munusamy.]

There are many things that are offensive about the conduct of the Gupta family. Their sense of entitlement to South Africa’s resources and disdain for the country’s people are perhaps most infuriating. The deluge of information being released into the public domain about their dodgy business practices and manipulation of political leaders and government officials might create a sense of powerlessness among ordinary citizens. But there should never be hopeless acceptance of the Guptas’ corrupt and immoral practices. Neither should South Africans turn a blind eye towards their racism and exploitation of race dynamics in the country. Read more

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