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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

Declining democracy

[Source: Africa Brief by Cees Bruggemans and Willie Esterhuyse.]

The essence of the SA story is traditionalism and modernity. They sit uneasily together. Indeed, you can’t have both. In the end, it is a choice that determines how society evolves. This is not unique to SA. In some form or other this choice is encountered in (many) other parts of the world, and long ago it marked today’s rich societies, too. It is one of those things that is encountered along the way to the future. And decides much. Read more

[Source: Business Day Live by Anthony Butler.]

The big story of the week was Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt to pull two rabbits — fiscal consolidation and economic growth — out of the same budgetary hat. He was unable to set out a compelling growth strategy, advance labour market reform, or remedy debilitating policy uncertainty that continues to deter investment. Read more

South Africa at a Glance
56 500 000 (mid 2017 estimate)
4.6% y/y in June 2018 (CPI) & +4.6 y/y in May 2018 (PPI)
294.84 in USD BIllion (December 2017)
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