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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.


[Source: Business Day Live by Ishmail Lagardien.]

The political imagination is fixed, at the moment, on the story of succession; on who will come ‘after Zuma’ and what could happen in South African politics in the coming years. The topic will no doubt rise and fall over the coming weeks and months. Three points were raised by respected thinkers this past week, to which I would like to add a few thoughts.

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[Source: Daily Maverick by Greg Mills & Jeffrey Herbst.]

The Tripartite Alliance’s consistently poor performance on job creation coupled with voter alienation cannot inspire confidence in its longer-term electoral prospects. The African National Congress, now increasingly distant from its heroic act of liberating South Africa from apartheid, is called upon to deliver. Today, the growth market in South African politics is apathy.

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South Africa at a Glance
56 500 000 (mid 2017 estimate)
4.6% y/y in June 2018 (CPI) & +4.6 y/y in May 2018 (PPI)
294.84 in USD BIllion (December 2017)
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