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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.


SAM BLade[Source: by Megan van Wyngaardt.]

The pace of transformation in universities in South Africa is too slow, Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande said on Friday, focusing in particular on the University of Stellenbosch, the North West University and the University of Pretoria. Read more

SAM Zuma 2

[Source:  by Raymond Suttner.]

A brief encounter in the lead-up to the ANC’s 103rd anniversary reveals the unspoken anxiety of ANC leaders today. Cyril Ramaphosa handed a pamphlet to a man in the street in Cape Town. The man responded by shouting “Viva Ramaphosa!” The deputy president of the country and of the ANC immediately corrected him: “No, Viva Zuma!” Read more

584[Source: by Bernadette Atuahene And Alfred L. Brophy.]

Friday marks the 150th anniversary of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s famous field order to confiscate 400,000 acres of land from former slave-owners and distribute it to former slaves — the promise of 40 acres and mule that we so often hear about. Read more

South Africa at a Glance
56 500 000 (mid 2017 estimate)
4.5% y/y in April 2018 (CPI) & +4.4 y/y in April 2018 (PPI)
294.84 in USD BIllion (December 2017)
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