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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Business Day Live by Gareth van Onselen.]

Essentially the relationship has gone through three phases:

1. The honeymoon phase — post-apartheid, the ideals of a free and independent press were championed and celebrated.

2. The hostile phase — the realities of governance, and with them much scandal and corruption, led to relations deteriorating and, ultimately, a media appeals tribunal was proposed.

3. The appropriation phase — through the state and private capital (loyal to the ANC government) a series of existing and new media were remodelled and established, generally to be more “positive” about and “supportive” of the government of the day.

Of course, the SABC has always been central to the relationship and, in much the same fashion as the ANC’s trust in private media diminished over time, so its high ideals as regards the SABC and its independence post 1994 were quickly forgotten in favour of a systematic attempt to control it, along with all other levers of power.

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