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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick by Ranjeni Munusamy.]

There are many things that are offensive about the conduct of the Gupta family. Their sense of entitlement to South Africa’s resources and disdain for the country’s people are perhaps most infuriating. The deluge of information being released into the public domain about their dodgy business practices and manipulation of political leaders and government officials might create a sense of powerlessness among ordinary citizens. But there should never be hopeless acceptance of the Guptas’ corrupt and immoral practices. Neither should South Africans turn a blind eye towards their racism and exploitation of race dynamics in the country.

The Gupta wedding jamboree at Sun City in May 2013 was when South Africa first got to see the family’s opulence and audacity on full display. There was public outrage over the family’s use of the Waterkloof Air Base to land a jet carrying guests from India to attend the wedding of Vega Gupta and Aakash Jahajgarhia. It was also when we got to know that “Number One” was the Guptas’ “Open Sesame” to the South African state, its facilities and resources. Not only was the gaggle of guests ushered in through special immigration arrangements at the military airport but they were also transported to the Sun City resort in an illegal blue light convoy.

The one disturbing part of this wedding wingding that seems to have been forgotten over time is the alleged racism from the family. Workers at Sun City reported that Gupta security personnel ordered black waiters to wash themselves before they could serve the wedding guests.

“This blatantly means that black people smell and the Gupta guests would not be served by smelly black people,” a resort employee was quoted as saying by City Press. The paper said bodyguards and butlers hired for the wedding were white.

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