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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Fin 24 by Solly Moeng.]

I once wrote here that poverty and lack of education were the biggest enemies of democracy.

In hindsight, that list was incomplete, and I apologise. Another enemy of democracy is amnesia, especially collective amnesia. We are not dealing with a nuclear family of enemies of democracy, but an extended one.

Now, state capture is gone, right? We’re being led by a new set of politicians (sort of) who seem to be doing the right things (some things), right? They have removed state capture-implicated people (some of them) from key positions and replaced them with new faces.

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South Africa at a Glance
57 700 000 (mid 2018 estimate)
4.5% y/y in December 2018 (CPI) & +5.2 y/y in December 2018 (PPI)
2.2% q/q (3rd quarter of 2018)
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