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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick by Mark Townsend.]

The prerogative that government must be accountable is enshrined in the Constitution (see section 34 in Chapter 2: Bill of Rights). However, a disturbing new trend when it comes to advertising for tenders has been observed that is clearly being used by state entities to reduce accountability.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find tender information in South Africa. Working in the industry as a tender information service provider, we trawl through over 600 sources on a daily basis to find tenders in South Africa.

Previously, it was compulsory for state entities to advertise their calls for tenders in the local newspapers. In fact, they had to advertise their tenders in two newspapers – often in English and Afrikaans. Traditionally, most tenders were published on Fridays. So bidders could buy the Friday newspapers and be confident that they were finding most of the tenders. A couple of years ago we started noticing tender advertisements which provided very little information, but simply referred the reader to a website. For example, the Hessequa Municipality at Riversdale in Western Cape started placing their tender ads in Die Burger and Cape Times with only the tender title, referring the reader to the Hessequa website for more information. But on the Hessequa website we discovered that the tender information was not there. When a query was directed to the contact person at the municipality pointing out that the full information was not provided, the official would simply tell you to look at the site tomorrow. Despite complaints about this, that municipality continues to publish its tenders in this way.

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