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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: BizNews by Ed Herbst.]

One of the privileges of becoming an elder in any profession is that you get to share the lessons gleaned from your experience. When this includes having covered the points of view of the country’s recent historical game-changers and the actual seminal events that played out around them, it’s actually an opinion worth hearing. Going from points to view, to points of view is quite a leap for journalists, but so long as it’s clearly defined as opinion and not fact, as is too often the case nowadays in the ANC-captured media, there can be no professional quibble. Here veteran journalist and astute observer of corrupt modern-day ruling party antics, Ed Herbst, uses his amazing memory for detail to juxtapose student politics of the 1980’s with those of today. He challenges the president of UCT’s convocation, Lorna Houston, who favours a ‘cleansing of institutional racism’ on her campus by typifying it as part of the brick and mortar of the world-famous university. We’ll happily publish Houston’s response in the best interest of furthering the debate and serving our readers.

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