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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick by Susan Booysen.]

The 2019 State of the Nation Address is the next move in a vexed endgame to determine the character of the African National Congress and its government. On or between the lines, the SONA – a collective ANC-government document – is set to unravel some of the riddles of Ramaphosa’s strengths and weaknesses.

Its tell-tales will signal whether Ramaphoria is a mirage, whether a post-election ANC (in power) may carry the epithet of “reinvented”. The SONA on Thursday will be a test of a special type to Cyril Ramaphosa. Tactician, player of the long game … but how long can this game be stretched, with what guarantees?

All of South Africa and the ANC (even global investors) will be watching. They will be looking for signs of Ramaphosa’s consolidation of internal ANC power, political will and post-Nasrec ability to act on state corruption. It will not be the time for bland restatements. The bar has been raised. Ambiguous signals to date on Cyril Ramaphosa’s ability and willingness to act against corruption, urgently, mean that Ramaphoria has lost crucial shine. Commissions of inquiry are good, but popular cynicism grows about prospects for perpetrators in seats of legislative assemblies rather than on court benches. And, directly and indirectly, corruption affects economic growth and job creation.

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