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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick by Stephen Groottes.]

The ANC’s policy conference 2017 has ended, with both a bang, and a whimper. It was a gathering that may have indicated that the balance of power is shifting. It could still shift back. The economy still seems safe to contract at its own pace for the moment. If there is anything that this conference tells us, it’s that there are no solutions on the horizon. 

And so, it finally came to pass that finally the final day finally dawned. It feels that this conference has lasted longer than the negotiations which led to our Constitution. But tripping into the venue, both physically and hallucinatorily, (That’s not exactly a real word, Stephen – Ed) was to wonder what the Economic Transformation Commission was going to say when it finally reported back. The night before we had been told that nine of the 11 commissions had rejected the “white monopoly capital” characterisation of the economy, which was surely a big setback for Zuma.

The mood in the media lounge was subdued. We’d been conferenced into submission. I’m now addicted to the “coffee” on offer, expect my meals at the same time every day, and jerk strangely whenever a certain Media Updates WhatsApp group beeps.

It’s been six days. About as long as it took God to create the Earth. And still, there’s no resolution to anything important, or substantive.

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