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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

Elections 2016

[Source: Deutschlandfunk von Leonie March.]

Bei den Kommunalwahlen in Südafrika Anfang August hat die Regierungspartei Afrikanischer Nationalkongress (ANC) das schlechteste Wahlergebnis seit 20 Jahren eingefahren. Es war ein Denkzettel für die Regierung von Präsident Jacob Zuma und dessen korruptes Machtsystem. Die Dominanz der ehemaligen Befreiungsbewegung aber ist im Land gebrochen. Read more

[Source: Daily Maverick by Stephen Grootes.]

For some months before the local elections in August, there were fears that the Electoral Commission was becoming vulnerable, and that the institution could actually lose the ability to run elections in a way that was perceived to be free and fair. In the end, the polls they ran passed that test with flying colours. Now the ANC appears to be showing that it is unhappy with the IEC’s performance. And that Gwede Mantashe, a man who really should know better, is trying to almost intimidate the institution. It’s another sign the ANC is losing the plot. And another strong indication that our politics is changing fundamentally, and more quickly than most people could have imagined.

Read more

[Source: Doorbraak by Karl Drabbe.]

Vlaamse media besteedden er weinig aandacht aan, maar in de nacht van 22 op 23 augustus beefde Johannesburg op zijn grondvesten. Sinds de afschaffing van de apartheid en de invoering van het algemeen enkelvoudig stemrecht in 1994, was het ANC er aan de macht. Maar in de jongste gemeenteraadsverkiezingen werd de machtspartij naar de oppositiebanken gewezen. Read more

[Source: Bruggemans & Associates by Cees Bruggemans.]

And then, after a long gestation, the world suddenly changed somewhat, as with a real birth and new life intruding anew. The ANC government party entered into an active yeasting process from within; the DA/EFF combo along with smaller splinter support got hold of three major metros and many smaller municipalities scattered through the land and have become focused on delivery transformation; the economy is under own steam to find its way as best it can. And all this against a very dynamic global backdrop, hopefully accommodating and devoid of major shocks roiling us, too. Read more

South Africa at a Glance
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