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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.


[Source: Daily Maverick by Niki Moore.]

For those who watch these kinds of things, the Civic Protest Barometer, issued last month by the Multi-level Government Initiative at the Community Law Centre of the University of the Western Cape, held few surprises. According to this report, public protests in South Africa have reached an all-time high, and have become increasingly violent. Anyone who reads the newspapers (or has had their morning commute interrupted) would already know this. But finding a context for these protests does deliver some surprises. In a series of five articles, NIKI MOORE takes a closer look at this strange animal called Public Protest.

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[Source: Business Day Live by Jonny Steinberg.]

It has often been said over the past two decades that SA’s future will be decided in the cities, not the countryside. The last census seems to confirm this, showing that parts of rural SA are emptying. It is in the cities that people will battle it out for land, work and a stake in the world. Rural SA, it is said, is increasingly a place of pensioners and unfortunate children. Its role in our collective future can only be marginal. Read more

[Source: Mail & Guardian – Editorial.]

The Constitution doesn’t allow Motsoaledi to give health MECs direct instructions, but his “political influence” would help a great deal.

Doctors, health activists and policymakers are starting to lose faith in health minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s ability to fix South Africa’s dilapidated public healthcare system. They believe he has a “lack of political influence” in his dealings with provincial health departments – which are falling apart. Read more

[Source: Business Day Live – Editorial.]

Social grants have been one of the most successful of the democratic government’s policies, reducing poverty significantly and bringing life and economic activity even to some of SA’s poorest and remote communities.

Yet the government’s proposals to extend the child support grant from 18 to 21-year-olds is, in a sense, an admission of defeat. Read more

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