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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

Property rights

SAM Anthea Jeffery[Source: by Dr Anthea Jeffery.]

Media coverage of the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill of 2013 (the Investment Bill) has focused on its role in replacing South Africa’s bilateral investment treaties with various European states. Representatives of these countries have broken their usual diplomatic silence to warn against the reduced protection it gives investors from their states. However, the true significance of the Bill goes very much beyond this. Read more

376[Source: by Warda Meyer.]

Two bills before Parliament mean South Africans could face Zimbabwean-style land grabs, with both agricultural and private property ownership being put at risk, says the SA Institute of Race Relations.  But the claims were poo-pooed by the government, AgriSA and the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (Plaas).  Read more

SAM Anthea Jeffery

[Source: by Anthea Jeffery.]

HOT on the heels of the Expropriation Bill of 2013 has come the little-noticed Property Valuation Bill of 2013, published on May 23 for comment within 30 days.

The Valuation Bill gives a new “valuer-general” an exclusive power to value property in cases of expropriation, land reform, or other acquisition (such as leasing) by the state. In this third instance, he must base his decisions on market value, determined on the willing buyer, willing seller principle. Read more

393This section from the South African Monitor Midyear Report of 2014 comprises information on increased political intervention and selective patronage; foreign business distrust in ANC policies reflected in limited… Read more

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