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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

Violent protests

SAM Nyala[Source: by Richard Poplak. Photo: Police Greg Marinovich.]

Last week, Julius Malema’s EFF wanted President Zuma to #PayBackTheMoney for his Nkandla renovations, and all was chaos. This week, the ANC have responded by ensuring that the security cluster has an “overall kind of contingency plan” to deal with outbursts in the National Assembly. Will opposition members of Parliament be waterboarded every time they mention the president’s homestead? Will Mmusi Maimane be dumped from an Apache chopper into the Indian Ocean? What is certain is that the ANC has decided to answer questions in Parliament with heavy weaponry. Welcome to the beginning of the beginning of a police state. Read more

SAM Marikana[Source: by Nomalanga Mkhize.]

It is unimaginable that the shooting of mine workers by police at Marikana in August 2012 could have unfolded as it did had they been from KwaZulu-Natal. Consider the outcome of political instruction and police action in Marikana that saw dozens of bullet-riddled bodies being returned to KwaZulu-Natal villages for burial. No experienced politician would have risked it. Read more

Aurora kruise 1[Source:]

On the second anniversary of the catastrophic events in Marikana, justice for the victims and full accountability are still urgently needed, Amnesty International said today. All those involved in the unlawful decision to use lethal force must be held fully accountable and the disturbing pattern of obstruction of the investigations into the deaths must stop.  Read more

SAM Cyril SAPA stringer[Source: by Greg Nicolson. Photo: SAPA Stringer.]

Two years ago on Monday, Lonmin workers marched on the NUM and were fired upon by union members, starting a spiral of violence that ended in the Marikana massacre. On Monday, NUM founding general secretary and current Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa testified on his role in the murky collaboration between Lonmin and politicians. The ‘buffalo prince’ survived, steadfast and resolute, but human after all. Read more

SAM NUM[Source:]

Following the election less than three months ago, the politics of South Africa are undergoing a radical transformation. The movement towards a more open, multi-party democracy is stronger than at any time since Nelson Mandela came to power in 1994. At the same time there are growing demands for better governance. Read more

South Africa at a Glance
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