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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.



[Source: by Ranjeni Munusamy.]

While the elections will be the big political event of 2014 – provided of course that we do not have another presidential recall or an unfortunate incident at the Nkandla firepool which would require a new Number One to be installed (or Kgalema Motlanthe to come off the reserve bench again). But what happens after the elections? Who will be on the team at the top of the political food chain, and who will join the ranks of sad opinion writers and grumpy old men and women lamenting their glory days? Read more

SAM Grondwethof

[Source: by Jeremy Kutner.]

As nation readies for first elections without Nelson Mandela, top prosecutors are attacked for letting officials get away with murder. Literally.

Richard Mdluli, head of the crime intelligence section of the South African police, was first charged with murder, attempted murder, intimidation, and the kidnapping of a man who married his former lover.  Six months later came money laundering charges, followed by charges of fraud, theft, and corruption. Read more

Mandela beeld

[Source:  – by Steven Mufson and Sudarsan Raghavan]

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — With the death of Nelson Mandela, the political party and broad coalition he helped to bind together are coming apart at the seams. The African National Congress remains in power, holding nearly two-thirds of the seats in Parliament, but it is losing popularity even among its staunchest supporters. To many South Africans, the ANC looks less and less like a party of legendary anti-apartheid leaders and more like a grouping of crony capitalists and dispensers of patronage. Read more


[Source: by Stephanie Findlay]

Rainbow nation or not, South Africa is battling a crime epidemic. Even as the country was in mourning for their beloved hero Nelson Mandela, Radovan Krejcir, a Czech businessman and fugitive, made headlines this month when he was denied bail. The towering 45-year-old — he stands well over 6’2 and is built like a truck — was arrested in November on charges of kidnapping and assault in connection with a botched 24 million rand ($2.3 million) crystal meth deal. Read more

South Africa at a Glance
59 620 000 (mid 2020 estimate)
2.2% y/y in June 2020 (CPI) & +0.5 y/y in June 2020 (PPI)
-2.0% q/q (1st quarter of 2020)
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