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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.


SAM Torture 2[Source:]

AfriForum released a report today in which the brutality of farm murders is depicted. The International Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Torture has also given AfriForum the undertaking that they will study the report. The report was released today, as it’s the day which has been proclaimed by the United Nations as International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Read more

AIC[Source: by Stef Terblanche.]

The platinum strike has been settled and government’s top three, most powerful leaders will now lead a process to try and resolve the deeper underlying issues that also go beyond just the mining sector. However, such a process has already been ongoing for many years and is littered with agreements and good intentions and very little action, if any.   Read more

Close-up of Military Tank[Source: by Jakkie Cilliers, ISS.]

After three tortuous years, cabinet approved the Defence Review in March 2014. The review is a huge improvement on the previous public document. Its 15 chapters include considerable background material that may not all have been necessary – but given the state of the SANDF, this is as much a manual to fix the department as it is a path towards the future. Read more

Waiting in Line[Source: researched by Kate Wilkinson.]

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. But do the country’s youth really account for 70% of the unemployed? Were 15% of South Africans unemployed in 1995 compared to 36% now? Has the Democratic Alliance managed to reduce the numbers of unemployed in the Western Cape province by 48,000? And has a government youth programme managed to create 133,000 jobs in just five months? Read more

South Africa at a Glance
57 700 000 (mid 2018 estimate)
4.0% y/y in January 2019 (CPI) & +4.1 y/y in January 2019 (PPI)
1.4% q/q (4th quarter of 2018)
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