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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick by Paul Hoffman.]

The best interests of South Africa are served by the retention of the status quo. Expropriation with compensation is more likely to render the economic development of South Africa sustainable than expropriation without compensation ever will.

The parliamentary processes around what is euphemistically called “expropriation without compensation” of land, which expired in the fifth Parliament, have now been revived in the sixth. As the personnel in Parliament are not the same, it is necessary and timely to remind the new members of their oath of office and their duty to uphold the rule of law.

The very notion “expropriation without compensation” or “EWC” is problematic. Confiscation (the ANC’s position) or nationalisation of land (EFF policy) is what the protagonists have in mind. The EWC sugar-coating is fooling no one.

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South Africa at a Glance
59 620 000 (mid 2020 estimate)
3.2% y/y in July 2020 (CPI) & +1.9 y/y in July 2020 (PPI)
-51% q/q (2nd quarter of 2020)
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