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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Business Day by Tom Eaton.]

Nine years ago a person told me I was racist for suggesting Julius Malema was a bully with totalitarian, antidemocratic tendencies. This weekend, I read an opinion piece by that very same person, explaining that Malema is a bully with totalitarian, antidemocratic tendencies.

I must confess I was confused by the accusation back in 2009. We didn’t yet know that Malema had just helped install a decade-long blight on SA, but we did know he had publicly vowed to murder people on behalf of that blight, not to mention suggesting that alleged rape victim “Khwezi” had enjoyed her ordeal. At the time I thought it was pretty obvious that Malema’s petticoats were showing.

Indeed, a year later he wasn’t even trying to disguise his embrace of kragdadigheid. In an infamous press conference he called the BBC’s Jonah Fisher a “bastard” and “bloody agent”, before mocking Fisher’s penis and expelling him from the room.

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