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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Daily Maverick – Editorial.]

For too long now, the state of South Africa has been malfunctioning. It’s time for the choking apparatus to cough back into life. The truth is, South Africa doesn’t have much time left and it had better happen. Now.

The story titled VBS Theft, Money Laundering & Life’s Little Luxuries: Julius Malema’s time of spending dangerously has laid out in excruciating detail how the leader of Parliament’s third-largest party was a willing participant in one of the single-biggest thefts from poor people in South African history.

Daily Maverick Scorpio journalist, Pauli van Wyk, has spent months obtaining, researching, cross-referencing and analysing the data, before delivering a devastating blow to Julius Malema’s self-propelled reputation of being disaffected youth’s selfless champion and defender. Apart from the many laws that were broken, Pauli van Wyk’s exposé has blown to smithereens the myth of a corruption-fighter and exposed a naked hypocrite who’s in it for power and money.

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