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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Politicsweb by William Saunderson-Meyer.]

The general election is creeping closer, now exactly two months away. But for the Economic Freedom Fighters it’s been just another mundane week in politics, dispensing the usual menace and mayhem.

On Tuesday, EFF leader Julius Malema “exposes” Karima Brown, a prominent eNCA journalist, as a likely “intelligence operative”, who is spying on his party. He releases her cell number onto social media, fully knowing what will happen next.

The EFF rabble do not disappoint Das Führer. They unleash a barrage of filthy abuse, calling her “an Indian whore and bitch”, and make pornographically explicit threats of assault, torture, rape. and murder. There is no word of disapproval from the EFF leadership.

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South Africa at a Glance
57 700 000 (mid 2018 estimate)
4.5% y/y in March 2019 (CPI) & +6.2 y/y in March 2019 (PPI)
1.4% q/q (4th quarter of 2018)
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