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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Politicsweb by R W Johnson.]

In a previous article I outlined the politics of drift followed by the ANC government. The question is, if one assumes that this is the settled policy of the ANC – and very possibly the only policy it is capable of – then what next?

The first point, of course, is that Moody’s have said they will judge the government’s progress by the February budget speech next year. There is a problem with that. The government is only too capable of issuing statements or making speeches and also of promising all sorts of things which they will never do.

Both Zuma and Ramaphosa began their presidencies by promising jobs. Zuma promised five million new jobs, Ramaphosa two million. Given that both men continued with affirmative action, BEE, the Mining Charter, an over-sized and over-paid public service etc, there was never the slightest prospect that these promises would be kept. Ramaphosa also promised “a state free from corruption”. We know what happened with that. Moreover, both men promised NHI – and Ramaphosa continues to promise it – though it is clearly a fiscal and financial impossibility.

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