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Assessing and promoting civil and minority rights in South Africa.

[Source: Politicsweb.]

The following is a transcription and translation of an extract of a speech by Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on the 12th of January 2020 in the special elections for the Mamusa Local Municipality (Schweizer Reneke) in the North West Province. Malema delivered this section of the speech in a mixture of English and Sepedi.

This extract is of public interest as it is revealing of the way in which Malema deliberately plays upon feelings of racial inferiority in order to incite the black majority to rise up against the country’s white minority. He suggests that black South Africans are cowards and self-haters for not doing so, instead turning their frustrations and anger on fellow black Africans, like Zimbabweans and Nigerians, in xenophobic violence.

The Oxford academic Jonny Steinberg has described Malema as the “national narrator” of black South Africa, corralling “widespread feelings into a simple narrative”. Steinberg wrote in a recent article in the Financial Mail that “Though I have not seen the question polled, I doubt that more than a small minority of black people under the age of 40 would disagree with much of his take on what has happened in SA since the end of apartheid.”

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